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Governor’s School West 2017 – Selected Survey Results

”The overall curriculum of Governor’s School – with its emphasis on critical thinking about contemporary ideas – interested me and challenged me.”
Strongly agree or agree – 98.7%

“The style of teaching and learning prevalent in my Governor’s School classes engaged me.”
Strongly agree or agree – 98.1%

“My Area 2 class encouraged me to thinking critically, ask complex questions, to examine challenging concepts, and to consider views other than my own.”
Strongly agree or agree – 91.8%

“Overall, attending Governor’s School was a rewarding experience.”
Strongly agree or agree – 100%

“Given my experience this summer, I believe I made the right decision to attend Governor’s School.”
Strongly agree or agree – 99.7%

Additional questions and sample answers:

  • How would you describe Governor’s School to someone who had never heard of it?
    • “An amazing summer program full of people who appreciate your talents and want you to succeed.”
    • “An honor program for the bright minds of the future to work at a level and environment different from anywhere else; you discover more about your discipline and the why of your opinions, passions and lifestyles.”
    • “It is what learning and school is supposed to be.”
    • “Best. Summer. Ever.”
  • Do you feel you have changed or grown as a result of your Governor’s School experience? If so, how?
    • “I think I have learned to think more deeply and question the world around me and to be more independent.”
    • “Yes, I have grown to listen to opposing views and acknowledge new ideas while developing my own.”
    • “Yes, I feel like I have matured, have grown more conscious of the world around me, and have found freedom to be myself.”
    • “I don’t feel like I’ve changed significantly in my time here. However, I have grown as an individual.”
  • How would you complete the following statement? Because of Governor’s School…
    • “I will continue to follow my passion for math with vigor.”
    • “I will one day become a successful oncologist.”
    • “I have now decided that I will unashamedly pursue theater arts in college.”
    • “I know more about how to handle myself in an independent environment.”
    • “I’ve met amazing people who have changed me for the better.”
    • “I fell back in love with learning.”
    • “I know I don’t always have to fit in, and that sometimes standing out from the crowd helps our experience in life.”

Governor's School East 2017 – Selected Survey Results

“In Area 1 [the discipline in which students are selected], the instructor(s) introduced me to new ideas and helped me understand and/or question old ideas”
Strongly agree or agree – 98.1%

“The instructor(s) was(were) helpful; I appreciated the instructor's willingness to share ideas and skills with me during and after class.”
Strongly agree or agree – 98.73%

“In Area 2 [an integrated class focusing on concept development, philosophy, foundations of knowledge, etc.], the instructor introduced me to new ideas and helped me understand and/or question old ideas.”
Strongly agree or agree – 95.50%

“As a result of attending Governor's School, I have a better understanding of myself.”
Strongly agree or agree – 96.42%

“I will encourage other students to apply to the Governor’s School.”
Strongly agree or agree – 100%

Additional questions and sample answers:

  • I would encourage other students to attend Governor’s School because…
    • “There is nothing like Governor’s School -- no program, no camp, no school. We are a conglomerate of passionate students with different talents, beliefs, and backgrounds. However, we all share a love for humanity.”
    • “It is a fun summer program where you get to expand your knowledge, experience something new, and explore a new place all in the community of motivated students just like you.”
    • “It provides an opportunity to unapologetically be a student and enjoy learning without pressure and around other people who genuinely appreciate similar things.”
    • “You take a glimpse of college life, make lifetime friends, embrace who you are, get intellectually challenged, thrive and have fun.”
  • In my opinion, the strongest aspects of the program are…
    • “The community. The accepting, home-like traditions and environment is what keeps people coming back. The ideas of Governor’s School caught our attention. The community and people kept it.”
    • “Meeting people from across the state in a nondiscriminatory manner.”
    • “The curriculum with a lot of discussion led by students, the absence of grades, and group activities that encouraged input by all and helped with meeting new people.”
    • “The ability to attend classes with people who care about learning as much as you do.”
  • For me, some of the highlights of Governor’s School East were…
    • “New electives, salsa and swing, stargazing, all the performances of the arts. Branching out of friend groups and meeting new people every day.”
    • “A realignment of my personal goals and expectations in regard to my immediate future. I am now at least somewhat on track towards having a modicum of confidence about what form I want my life to take. We'll see how that goes.”
    • “Spending time with other people and going to electives; I also really enjoyed the dances.”
    • “The awesome events! Not only were they incredibly fun, but they helped us to bond with the people here, our family away from home.”