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"Governor's School is an excellent chance to learn new things, meet new people, form relationships that will last a lifetime, and expand your mind to what the world has to offer." – Art student, 2006

"I was absent for a few days due to a loss in my family. The decision to come back was one of the most difficult and rewarding decisions of my life. The people here with their love and support took one of the worst times of my life and turned [it] into one of the best." – Instrumental Music student, 2006

"It was the greatest time of my life. I developed a strong sense of identity in this very accepting environment of talented and brilliant, yet humble friends."

"You meet so many awesome, interesting people who you'll probably know forever."

"You will have the most amazing summer – you'll meet people both incredibly like and unlike yourself- your mind will be opened and it will help form you into a thoughtful, hopeful person."

– Students, 2003

Daily life at the Governor's School is a rich mixture of classes, activities, seminars, speakers, concerts, recreation, trips, and dorm life. Certain aspects such as classes, assemblies, dormitory curfew are expected of all students, and many others are optional and open to choice.

The academic program runs Monday through Saturday mornings, with other activities and visitation on the weekends.

Click below to see several sample days for typical Governor's School students. Though the details may vary between GS-East and West, overall there is great similarity in the program schedules.

Sample daily schedule – GS East

Sample daily schedule – GS West

Expectations for students are detailed in the Student Handbook, including the Honor Code. These are mailed to students and parents upon acceptance to the school in April, and a signed agreement is required before the acceptance to the program is complete.