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The deadline for submission of nominations for the 2015 session of Governor’s School by public school systems, charter schools, special schools and private schools was November 14, 2014. No additional submissions will be accepted. For reference purposes only, the Nomination Packet remains available for download.

Nomination Packet
(pdf, 962kb)

Scholarship Opportunity
Scholarships will be available through the North Carolina Governor’s School Foundation. Information about the scholarship program will be available at


Auditions for Performing/Visual Arts nominees for the 2015 session of the North Carolina Governor’s School will be held at Meredith College in Raleigh. Introductory information has been available on Page 7 of the Nomination Packet (pdf, 962kb). In early to mid-January, approximately four weeks prior to their audition date, individual nominees will be mailed information with specific details (location, date, time, preparations, etc.).

Dates for Auditions are:

  • Saturday, February 7 - Choral Music only
  • Saturday, February 21 - Instrumental Music, Dance, Theater and Visual Art only

Area-specific information for Auditions

Audition Alternative Options
There may be alternative options to the in-person auditions for Choral Music, Instrumental Music and Theater for those with school-related conflicts. Download the attached document for details.
(pdf, 313kb)


The Office of the North Carolina Governor’s School is monitoring winter weather conditions for this week (February 16-21), in preparation for the Auditions in Dance, Instrumental Music, Theater and Visual Art scheduled for Saturday, February 21. Please note the following points:

  • In-person auditions will proceed as planned at Meredith College in Raleigh. All who are scheduled to attend should do so, if weather/road conditions allow. Students/families should follow the specific details mailed to their home in January.
  • If adverse weather conditions do not allow for safe travel, an alternate will be available. They are as follows:
    • Instrumental Music and Theater - This is a video audition (closely resembling the in-person experience) recorded at/by the student’s school and uploaded to YouTube. Specific procedures and dates will be determined to address any upcoming inclement weather events.
    • Dance and Visual Art - The nature of these auditions does not allow for a video option. Instead, alternate in-person auditions will be held on Sunday, March 1, again at Meredith College in Raleigh. Only Dance and Visual Art will be held that day and only for those who cannot attend the February 21 auditions because of travel conditions.
    • Other reasons (e.g., other events) are not valid for missing the February 21 auditions. Only students who cannot travel due to weather/road conditions will be approved for the alternate option.
  • Notification - The Office will post information about weather concerns and auditions in two ways.
    • This website will be updated regularly with lists of counties/areas approved for alternate audition options. Specific details on how to proceed with the video (i.e., Instrumental Music and Theater only) or the alternate in-person event (i.e., Dance and Visual Art only) will be posted as well.
    • Each public school system, public charter school, public special school and private school has an official Governor’s School Contact. The Office will send regular updates to those Contacts.
  • Video Options Already Approved - A number of students have been approved earlier for a video option due to a school-related conflict. Those videos are due this Friday, February 20. If inclement weather is preventing those recordings, time will be extended on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Office at for more information.


In addition to the information above regarding inclement weather and Governor’s School auditions, please know of these updates:

  • Students who cannot attend the in-person auditions on Saturday, February 21, for whatever reason (inclement weather or otherwise) may take advantage of the alternate options listed above.
  • For those students who were preapproved for a video audition due to a mandatory school-related conflict, the deadline for submitting videos has been extended to Friday, February 27.


The Auditions in Dance, Instrumental Music, Theater and Visual Arts will be held as planned on Saturday, February 21. Students/families should follow the specific details mailed to their home in January.

Updates to the alternate audition options are the following:

  • Dance and Visual Art – These are scheduled for Sunday, March 1, again at Meredith College in Raleigh. Any student who cannot participate in the February 21 auditions FOR ANY REASON may attend this make-up audition on March 1. Dance and Visual Art students DO NOT need to notify the Governor's School Office about their attendance. Specific times and locations will be posted to this website by February 27. Continue to prepare according to the guidance at and
  • Theater and Instrumental Music – A video will be produced by the student's school and posted to YouTube. A school representative (not a student or parent) should notify the Governor's School Office of this intent to submit a video beginning on Monday, February 23. NOTE: For emails about Instrumental Music videos, also indicate a secure fax number.
    • Theater Video Instructions
      ( pdf, 339kb)
    • Instrumental Music Video Instructions
      ( pdf, 292kb)
    • VIDEO POSTING DATE – Close of business on FRIDAY, MARCH 6
  • Video Options Already Approved – Reminder: Those who were previously approved for a video due to a school-related conflict still must submit their video by Friday, February 27.


Make-up Auditions for Dance and Visual Art will be held on Sunday, March 1 at Meredith College.

  • Visual Art students should report at 10:00 a.m.
  • Dance students should report at 11:00 a.m.

Students/families should follow all instructions as noted in their letter (except for date and time). If there are any questions, contact the Governor's School Office at or 919.807.3986.