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The resources on this page are only for students who were recently notified they have been selected to attend the 2018 session of the North Carolina Governor’s School.


The Student Handbook has all the details needed to prepare you for your Governor’s School experience. Download the Student Handbook for your assigned campus.

  • Governor’s School West (at Salem College in Winston-Salem) (pdf, 238kb)

  • Governor’s School East (at Meredith College in Raleigh) (pdf, 836kb)


All students must complete and submit the required forms prior to Opening Day. Download or access each of the following:

  • Required of all Students

    • Contact Information. Submit this online form to share student and parent/guardian contact details. Due: May 25.

    • Forms Packet. Complete and mail the enclosed six forms to your assigned Governor’s School campus. Due: May 25. (pdf, 449kb)

  • As Needed

    • Special Needs/Change of Contact Information Form. This was also included with your selection letter. Only submit if you have special needs or a change of contact information. Due: April 20. (pdf, 152kb)

    • Temporary Leave Permission Form. Complete and submit only in rare circumstances; see your Student Handbook for details. Due: May 4.


Accepting selection to Governor’s School obliges the school/school system for the non-refundable $500 per student tuition payment. However, schools/school systems can decide how to access these funds; some pay from within their own budgets or other sources, while others may require families to contribute. The local official Governor’s School Contact Person will discuss this with selected students/families. If a family is required to pay the entire $500 and finds this challenging, the North Carolina Governor’s School Foundation has a generous need-based scholarship program; visit The application deadline is March 28. If the school/school system covers part or all tuition costs, the scholarship program is not applicable.