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The audition for Instrumental Music is composed of two parts: Solo Performance and Sight-Reading. The following instruments will be auditioned: Flute/Piccolo, Oboe/English Horn, Clarinet (E-flat, B-flat, Alto, Bass, Contralto, and Contrabass), Saxophone (Alto, Tenor, and Baritone), Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba, Percussion, Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass. No other instruments will be auditioned.

Instrumental music nominees must bring their own instrument.

For percussion nominees, Governor’s School will provide a xylophone, a marimba, and a set of four timpani for those who wish to play these instruments as part of their audition. They are expected to bring their own sticks and mallets, snare drum and stand, and timpani stool, as applicable.

Nominees are expected to perform unaccompanied.

Solo Performance:

  • All nominees must choose, practice and perform a slow excerpt and a fast excerpt (the total of which cannot exceed two minutes) from the list of instrument-specific selections on Pages 2-3. The slow and fast excerpts can be from within the same selection or from different selections.
    (pdf, 428kb)
  • Percussion nominees must play solos, each no more than two minutes, on any two of the following: snare drum, mallet percussion, and timpani. The sight-reading will be on all three instruments.
    • Percussionists auditioning on timpani should bring a tuning fork or pitch pipe and be prepared to tune without the use of electronic devices.
  • Nominees should consult with their music teachers or band directors to choose the piece that best displays their technical and musical abilities. Nominees must bring one original and one copy of their selection to auditions. The nominee will use the original and the judge will use the copy. Nominees arriving for auditions with only the original of their selection must be prepared to play their selection by memory. NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE.

Sight-Reading: All nominees also will sight-read and play one or two brief selection(s) chosen by the judge. No scales are required.

Students will be emailed information about other details (location, time, date, preparations, etc.) several weeks prior to audition day.